• Build a Raspberry Pi-powered MIDI Synth

    If you want to use one of the many great MIDI sequencers for Atari ST, or play a MIDI-compatible game the way it was meant to be experienced, you'll need a synthesizer. The mt32-pi project turns a Raspberry Pi into a MIDI synthesizer that can emulate the MT-32 and other synthesizers, and also supports General MIDI.
  • A Tale of Three Atari ST Power Supplies

    I've got three 16/32-bit Atari ST machines that I'm currently working on: two Atari 520 STEs that I acquired a while back, and the most recent addition, a Falcon 030. Both Atari STE computers are UK models, and expect that the mains power is operating at a 230V nominal voltage. US mains voltage is 120V.